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Brittany Brown Photography

Cincinnati, OH


“We hired Brittany to do our wedding after being impressed with her previous work. We couldn't be happier with our choice! She was very professional, as was her assistant. She was very flexible with our tight schedule and was always on time. Most importantly though, our wedding pictures turned out absolutely beautiful. We had a TON of photos to choose from and she got all of the important shots and then some. We really couldn't be happier. So glad we found her!!” -Brittney

“We knew from the first moment of meeting Brittany Brown that she was the right photographer for us. She welcomed us in her home to look at her work and made us feel right at ease. That same demeanor really helped calm both of us on our wedding day; she is just so easy to work with. Did I mention that her work is amazing?! She has a great mix of modern and traditional photos, which was perfect for Danny and me. Another great aspect of Brittany's work is her creativity. During our engagement session, she suggested an urban background that I would have never thought of, and it turned out to be a wonderful backdrop for our photos. Her creativity shined through when she put our wedding album together as well.” -Danny & Amanda

“I highly recommend Brittany! She was wonderfully personable and did everything that we asked of her, and more! The photos are fabulous... couldn't have asked for a better value.” -Emily

“I loved working with Brittany! My photos turned out better than I could have imagined! The best part about working with her is that her work is original even though she has done a ton of weddings, my photos look like MY photos and not like every other wedding photo out there. I was extremely pleased to work with her and you will be too!” -Ashley

“We could not have chosen a more professional and wonderful photographer than Brittany Brown. She was easy to work with, quick to respond with email, and the pictures turned out better than we could've ever imagined. Thanks again Brittany!” -Sarah & Derek

“Brittany Brown did a wonderful job with our engagement photos as well as our wedding photos. She was very flexible, which allowed us to get the perfect photos that we wanted! We had such a great time getting our pictures taken. This eliminated unwanted stress on our wedding day. We will cherish the memories of our wedding day with the beautiful photos that were taken by Brittany. I would definitely recommend Brittany to anyone looking for fun, creative, and beautiful engagement and wedding photos.” -Jamie & CJ

“Brittany did a wonderful job as our photographer for our wedding. We were so happy we went with her. She was always on time, prompt in her communication and very professional. She listened to how we wanted our wedding to be remembered and our pictures turned out great.” -Chris & Sarah

“What You Get: Fun, stylish, and experienced professional photography, affordable and reasonable price plans, superb editing and FAST turnaround time. I hired Brittany to shoot my wedding and the results were fantastic. Standouts for my wife were the "Couples" and "Bridal Party" shots, whereas I took a liking to the “Portrait” style and “Detail” photos. Family members were also impressed by commenting on attention to detail, close-up views, and great use of angles.” -Ed

“Brittany showed up on time and was very professional. I loved all the unique picture angles and set up she had. I loved that formal pictures happened really quick! We actually asked her to stay a while longer at the reception because her time was up and we hadn’t done the garter or bouquet toss, and she was very understandable and said absolutely! I just saw the proofs this week and I am in love!! She did a great job and I would recommend her to anyone!” -Carla

“Brittany was wonderful. Her amazing photography really made our wedding complete. She was very attentive to our needs, receptive to any ideas we had for special shots, and creative. We felt that we had input into the process, and were working with someone easy going and artistic, rather than being given a cookie cutter package. She adapted easily with any schedule changes, including extending her time with us when our reception went longer than we had anticipated. Also, Brittany was very fast in getting us back the pictures of the wedding, which was so exciting. Any time we contacted her with questions or concerns, she was very professional, kind, and personable. Working with Brittany was a joy, and if we had to choose all over again, we would definitely make the same choice.” -Shauna